Girls Write Now Mentor

Girls Write Now’s curriculum and services have evolved over the past 20 years to include the full range of writing for different stages of life throughout high school, to college, career and beyond. Writing today means multi-genre, multimedia, multi-platform communication—everything from storytelling to coding. Our mentees are defining the digital age, bringing the craft of writing into the 21st century. 

Our yearlong intensive mentoring program matches underserved high school girls with women professional writers for a one-to-one mentorship, structured around creative, critical, and digital skill-based programming and services. Mentees create at the intersection of language, technology, and art, exploring sub-genres within poetry, fiction, memoir, journalism and screen/playwriting, and learning digital skills such as audio and video editing, and coding, incorporating open-source digital media like Twine, Audacity, Scratch, and Google SketchUp. 

Mentoring pairs attend monthly genre and media-based workshops, which also feature craft and industry speakers. There, mentees draft original pieces and build their portfolios throughout the year. Workshops are a jumping off point for the weekly pair sessions where mentors guide mentees through the process of editing and polishing drafts into final products for submission to contests, and for publication and presentation, including in Girls Write Now’s annual anthologies, and our popular reading & multimedia series, CHAPTERS & QWERTY.

Mentees also participate in Girls Write Now’s Writing Works programming, unique and personalized professional development, strengthening their writing and communication skills, and opening doors, on the pathway to college and career.

Sophie Charles